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스마트폰을 쓰고 있는 런던 사람들에게 아래와 같이 질문했습니다.

* What do you think the difference is between a feature phone and a Smartphone?

User 1 (Windows Mobile :) I think storage and the way in which you can personalise the phone to make it unique to you seem to be the biggest differences. I like the idea of being able to use different software on this phone.

User 3 (Android :| The smartphone is generally a computer, it includes advanced email functions, applications, GPS functions etc. There is a wider variety of things available that wouldn't be related to the word phone. Smartphones also have bigger screens to manage more software on it. However regular phones do have some advantages over smart phones, such as the battery life and start up time.

User 7 (Windows Mobile :) I treat my phone as a business tool rather than a phone

User 8 (iPhone 3G :) The extra functions. I don't think I can go back to using a normal phone. I don't like to carry a lot. I like compact things. The graphics are fast and good quality too. It was very different; very experimental, but very enjoyable. I like how you can put themes on old phones and I miss this such customisation and personalisation.

User 11 (Window Mobile :( You need to be smart to use a smartphone. My biggest problem I've had is figuring out what all the stuff is. It's like being on another planet with a whole new language, what with all the terminology and technical problems.

User 13 (Symbian :) For me, smartphone is communication. People can get hold of me and it's all in one place. Smartphones have better Internet connections and can send emails.

User 14 (Android :) The access to Internet and email; it's more like an interactive diary. It's not just a phone. It kills so much of my time, for example when I’m waiting for people. Also I don't need to wait to get back home, get to work or a friend's house, I can check up on things anywhere.

:) Happy User
:| They said they are happy, but they have problems
:( Angry user.. whether they said they are happy or not

Happy/Unhappy는 그냥 약간의 참고가 되라고 제가 적어본 것입니다. 좀 더 자세한 분석이 필요합니다. 처음에 '쉬웠다'라고 이야기하고는 나중에 실제로는 심각한 문제를 이야기한 경우가 제법 있었기 때문이죠. 또 OS 별로 편차가 심했는데, 윈도 모바일의 경우 '준 전문가급'은 되어야 만족하고 쉬웠다고 하지만 나머지들은 일반인들도 만족하는 경우가 많았습니다.

(이 글은 조사 후, 약 6개월 뒤에 공개했습니다)